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The Grammar of Gravity 

In the installation The Grammar of Gravity (2023), Puck reconstructs the observations of everyday life centred around gravity, which provide access to existential questions. She does this with the aim of conveying this existential longing and encouraging others to perceive the ‘real’ life: A life full of movement even if we don’t perceive it like that. A life with its ambiguous meanings within its details.The Grammar of Gravity vol.3 was part of an installation consisting of moving images: multiple video works displayed on monitors and a beamer projection, drawings, analogue stop motion and a Dia viewer.

Afbeelding van WhatsApp op 2024-03-13 om 14.24.21_52e32fcc.jpg
Puck Melk - The Grammar of Gravity vol.3 - Installation.jpg

film 05.21 min, loop

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