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Puck Melk The Grammar of Gravity

Puck Melk - Artist - Choreographer - Dancer

Puck Melk (2001, The Netherlands) is an Amsterdam area based artist, choreographer and dancer. Through the use of different media; moving images in the broadest sense, film installations, choreography and performative objects, Puck explores how to receive, display, celebrate, embrace and question everyday life in a detailed and a slightly recognizable way.

She catches specific essential perceptions of daily life and captures them in time and space. Reconstructing and deepening these intriguing observations through the use of fragmentation, rhythm, repetition, contradictions, perspective and the movement of the details of daily life; such as structures, actions, habits and sensory perceptions. We quickly and often overlook these observations, because we are used to them.

Through perceiving the world as choreographies, which move within themselves and in connection and relation to each other, Puck aims to convey this existential longing and to encourage others to perceive the ‘real’ life: A life wherein everything consists of moving networks, even in stillness. A life with its ambiguous meanings within its details, wherein the ‘choreographies of life’ embody us and we, as humans, embody them.



Curriculum Vitae



internship with May Heek (atelier and history archive), Diemen and Zutphen


internship with Gijs Assmann (atelier and on location (public space)), Amsterdam


ArtEZ Fine Art Base for Experiment Art and Research


ArtEZ Danslab

Dance pre-education: Classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, physical dynamics and hip hop


Cygnus Gymnasium Amsterdam (incl. Goethe Deutsch certificate)


Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 5 o’clock class

Dance pre-education: Classical ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, house & more

Exhibitions / shows


ACEC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands






Huntenkunst, Ulft, The Netherlands

KunstRAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Full:Filled, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Verschuivingen, Landsmeer, The Netherlands

54 dance shows as dancer and/or choreographer in: The Bijlmer Park theatre Amsterdam, the AHK theatre Amsterdam, the Geert Groote College theatre Amsterdam, the ArtEZ theatre Arnhem, the Stopera theatre Amsterdam (in collaboration with the Junior Company of the National Ballet and The National Opera of the Netherlands), the Korzo theatre The Hague

Residency and courses






Lukida teaching course for teaching art at primary schools

Cittadelarte art residency at Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella Italy

audition workshops ArtEZ- Dance course in preparation for auditions

Dutch don’t Dance Division full course B - Dance course + shows in Korzo Theatre The Hague

Dutch don’t Dance Division half course A - Dance course + shows in Korzo Theatre The Hague


2024 - present

collaboration with Ingmar de Wijk

2023 - present

collaboration with Nicoliene Papenburg


collaboration with Carmen Molenaar "Be-licht-e vlakte"

Other relevant work experience

2024 - present

Film and animation on commission 

2024 - present

teaching art at primary schools

2022 - present

voluntary work for the Van ezel tot muur Foundation (art and health care)

2020 - present

project assistant at Uniq_ Label, company in design, art and furniture

2020 - present

project assistant at Bureau IFA masters in space, Architecture company

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